Come and join our awesome team and work for global customers. We offer flexible work schedule, remote work environment and great career opportunities. Most importantly, we have fun together and we love what we do. 

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Working with Philus was a great experience for me

Working with Philus was a great experience for me. Philus is always looking for ways to improve not only the quality of the company but the people in it as well. The autonomy and support that Philus gives to its employees is very important to me as a developer. I will continue to trust Philus to help me achieve my career goals. And I will strive to achieve excellent not only for myself but for the company as well.

Jayson Duran, Software Engineer

Philus has helped me with my professional growth

Philus has helped with my professional growth over the years. During the course of my job search, Philus provided me a lifeline — meaning, they helped match my skills with the best opportunity and the needs their customers. Philus not only takes care of their customers, they also take care of their employees. I would definitely recommend Philus as a partner for professional growth.

Patrick T., Technical Lead

Harmonious work environment

It was my first experienced being part of an “outsourced” team. Having heard a lot of negative rumors about being “outsourced”. Philus proved me wrong. Everyone treats each other as friends which results in a harmonious work environment.

Nicholai V., Android Developer

Thankfully, I had been contacted by Philus

I had just quit my first job and I was afraid of being unemployed for a long time. Thankfully, I was contacted by Philus and got a job opportunity working for Security Bank. I had been told that if I do well, I could eventually be part of the Security Bank. And I did. Thanks, Philus! I hope you continue to help bridge the career of others, as you had done for me.

Shaira Ann L., Angular Developer

Philus has given me opportunity to prove and excel on my skills

Thank you for giving me this one of kind opportunity to work in your company. You have given me the chance to prove and excel on my skills that I have right now.Especially those in the Finance and HR Staff, thank you for being kind and considerate with all of our queries regarding Company Policy and other transactions.
Ferry Mariz Antido