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Offload Operations

Offload operations and focus on delivering for your organization. We take care of employment, HR, legal and administrative operations. You will also conduct background checks, secure adequate equipment, acquire high speed Internet connections for the employee, even dedicated office space if required. We’re your partner in ongoing employee development, performance improvement, and team building activities to ensure that your team thrive and grow.


Protect your investment in the team. Unlike other outsourcing vendors, we are your partner and your launching pad for achieving your long term goal of establishing a cost effective global virtual workforce. When you are ready to operate an offshore operation of your own, we can help you transition the team so that your investment in the employees are protected.

Incredible Cost Savings

Save average 70% compared to western markets. We help you realize the cost savings of building a talented international workforce without the administrative and legal overhead of setting up and operating a foreign business entity.

Low Risk & Scalable

Starting is easy. Our service gives you maximum flexibility with minimum risk. There is no requirement of minimum team size. You can start with one resource, try it out, grow and scale the team to meet your business demand.

Global Presence

Expand your global presence and capabilities to better service your customers around the clock by having staff in multiple time zones.

Stay in Control

You make the final hiring decision. We source and qualify candidates from a large database of local talents that we have cultivated over the years. You interview, select and make the hiring decision. We onboard them. You manage the team as an extension of your existing team, incorporate them into your processes and culture. They work virtually on your platform utilizing your approved methodologies, tools, policies and procedures.

Tailored Services

Pick and choose from the optional services we provide based on your business needs such as single shift or around the clock operations, virtual teams or dedicated local office. We understand every customer is different and your business needs change over time. One size doesn’t fit all.

LOW COST – A low cost of living means a low cost of labor and the cost savings are passed onto our customers. Further savings are made possible by the strong US dollar exchange rate against the Philippine Peso.

LARGE POOL OF TALENTED AND EDUCATED WORKFORCE – The Philippines has one of the fastest growing Asian economies with an emphasis on education and technology. Over 1 million people work for international companies in the outsourcing industry.

ENGLISH FLUENCY – English is the official business language and is widely used in the Filipino educational system and media.

CULTURAL ALIGNMENT – The Philippines was a former US colony and has strong ties to the US today. It has been a major outsourcing hub for western countries such as US, Australia, UK and other European countries. Filipinos have exceptional understanding of western culture.
EMBRACE VIRTUAL WORK ENVIRONMENT – Similar to the US, Filipino workers treasure the opportunity, the flexibility and the work-life balance that a remote work environment provides them. Technology advancements in the Philippines make virtual workforce possible. Filipinos are hardworking, family oriented, and loyal employees.
BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY – The Philippines is a beautiful country with more than 7,000 islands, tropical weather and gorgeous beaches giving you many reasons to visit your virtual team.

Founded by Technologists For Technologists

Recruiting and retaining talent will be more and more challenging over the next decade. We have been in the technology industry for many years and know all too well the pressure and challenges of delivering at breakneck speed in an environment with limited resources. We speak your language. we want to help companies in the US address resource shortage in the coming years.

Best of Both Worlds

With offices in both US and the Philippines, we’re just a phone call away. You can count on our US team to be your point of contact, to support you along with our recruiters, operations managers, HR, accounting and legal teams in the Philippines.

High Quality Recruitment with a Large Pool of Talents

Over the years, our skilled recruitment team has been building a large pool of highly quality candidates for both local and international clients. You can now benefit from our years of local experience in the Philippines to help you locate and onboard resources quickly.


Have questions about building virtual teams in the Philippines, we are here to help. Give us a call now at (408) 718-4350 or email us below. We will get back to you promptly.

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